Ever wonder what your favorite celebs were really like back when they went to chemistry class instead of movie premieres -- and walked the school hallway instead of the red carpet? In one of the most fascinating "Ask Reddit" threads we've ever read, hundreds of Redditors who went to high school with celebrities shared stories of what the stars were like before they were famous.

The 500-plus responses to the thread provide unfiltered (and totally speculative) insight into the former lives of some of our favorite big-name stars. Some of the responses might be unexpected: For instance, Taylor Lautner rightfully earned the nickname "Shark Boy," while classmates say Naya Rivera was apparently the opposite of her sassy, outspoken "Glee" character Santana. Others were more predictable: Taylor Swift is remembered as being not only "witty and smart," but also "really nice to people," and Michael Cera is said to be just as awkward and hilarious in real life.

We chose 20 of our favorite unconfirmed -- but fun! -- tidbits about the Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift, Darren Criss, Rebecca Black, the Jenner sisters and more. Click through the slideshow below and head over to Reddit to read the full thread.

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